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Our Services

At TCT Graphic Products we like to do much more than simply sell you material.  We want to know you're getting exactly what you want, in the exact way you want it.  

In addition to the fact that we sell virtually all of our roll stock by the yard, we can also customize it further by laminating, slitting, punching, or striping it.  All you have to do is let us know how we can help.

Custom Striping

Every single colour in our SMF Cut Vinyl catalogue can be ordered as a stripe.

Custom Slitting

Have a roll of vinyl or premask that is wider than you need for a job? We can slit it down!

Custom Laminating

We can do virtually any kind of laminating you require.

Custom Punching

Have a 15" roll of material that you need punched for use in your track fed 15" Plotter? We can punch it for you!