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About Us

TCT Graphic Products is a trusted supplier of cut vinyl films, print media, laminates, premasks and other sign making products, to the Graphics industry in Canada.

TCT Graphic Products actually started its life in 1991 in the basement of a friend of owner Graham Stevens.  Initially operating as TCT Fleet Graphics, the company focused its efforts on signage for fleet vehicles.  As the company grew it became apparent that the vinyl suppliers of that time had very little interest in keeping sufficient stock of anything larger than 15" (the most popular size at the time).  This was an issue for TCT Fleet Graphics because, believe it or not, every bit of signage was cut using an 18" Plotter.  Not only that, but it was often discovered that in order to acquire all materials needed for a particular job, several vinyl suppliers would have to be visited.  This was a result of the vinyl suppliers, of that time, not seeing the need to stock adequate amounts of unusual colours and sizes.  

With TCT Fleet Graphics growing exponentially every month, it was decided that the problematic vinyl supply in Canada would have to be dealt with.  It was in 1993 that the old adage "If you want something done right, do it yourself" kicked in.

TCT Graphic Products Logo on Sign mounted on a building

In 1993 TCT Graphic Products was born.  With its birth came the single most important policy that TCT Graphic Products still stands behind today and that was that TCT would never list anything that they couldn't stock sufficiently.  

This meant that TCT had to stock several hundred (and often in cases, thousand) yards of material in every fathomable width, in every available colour.  

The goal was to take pressure off sign makers who had unreasonable deadlines pushed on them by their own clients.  No longer would sign makers have to rush around to several vinyl suppliers, checking stock, before being able to confirm to their clients that they could make deadlines.  Now the only question for customers of TCT Graphic Products was how long would it take to actually cut and install the sign.

It has been more than 20 years since TCT Graphic Products opened its doors and, at a glance, things are very similar to the way they were in the beginning.  The differences, however subtle, are there nonetheless.  With success TCT Graphic Products was able to expand across Canada, opening it's newest location in British Columbia in 2005.  In 2009 Graham Stevens' son Tristan took over as the new General Manager.  The product offering at TCT has also expanded and changed to accommodate the various changes to the technology now available to sign makers in Canada.  

The important things, however, remain the same at TCT Graphic Products.  TCT Graphic Products is still independently owned and operated.  It is still a family business. It is still 100% Canadian.  Most importantly, It is still committed to being able to supply Canadian sign makers with the very best and most economically priced sign products in the most timely fashion possible.