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KPMF Printable Wrap - Introductory Offer

Our KPMF Printable Wrap Bundle is composed of two parts, the Satin Cast Wrap, and the High Gloss Laminate.

The Satin Cast Wrap is a premium quality printable wrap film newly available to sign makers, and vehicle wrappers in Canada.

The Satin finish of this product means it prints amazingly well.   This film can accept a wide  variety of solvent-based inkjet, UV curable, and latex inks common to wide format digital printing systems.  This film has a 10 year outdoor durability when left unprinted & unlaminated.

The Laminate is a premium laminate for a premium print.  KPMF's K75202 Gloss Cast Laminate is 1.2 mils thick so it won't bulk up your printed wraps.  This product is specifically designed to be used with K75211 Satin Cast Printable Wrap.

Our 50 yard bundle is on sale for $949.00

Our 25 yard bundle is on sale for $549.00

The BAD news is this introductory offer has expired.  

The GREAT news is that we decided to permanently lower our price on this most excellent vehicle wrapping system.  

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