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New SMF Colour Guide!

We have added 4 new 2mil High Performance Cast colours (Pillar Red, Light Apple Green, Brilliant Blue, and Dark Magenta).

We narrowed the focus of our Metallic offering by eliminating the more obscure colours, and adding more shades of the popular colours that sell so well.

The Translucent Cast series has seen the elimination of 5 colours (Manilla, Green, Bristol Blue, Royal Blue, and Brilliant Blue), and the addition of 5 more (Raspberry, Brilliant Green, Evergreen, Turquoise, and Slate Grey).

You will also find 2 Colours were eliminated from the Gemstones (Azurite & Green).  In addition, the entire Pearlescent line has been discontinued with the exception of White, which has been added to our newly enhanced and expanded Specialty Films line. 

We have replaced our entire 2.8 mil Premium Calendered line with a line from KPMF, the same manufacturer which has always produced our 2mil High Performance Cast line.  While the old 2.8 mil line was only available in 15", 24", 30", and 48" widths, this new line has added 36" and 60" widths for all colours.

4 new colours have been added to the Special Effect Film line (Smooth Copper, Brushed Copper, Rainbow Brite, and Rainbow Sparkle).  As with the rest of the Special Effect Film line, these films all have a 5 year outdoor durability, and can be printed with most inkjet printers.

Finally we decided to add KPMF's Special Effect Laminates to the SMF Colour Guide.  These laminates are extremely popular and are used in everything from pop up displays to full vehicle wraps.  The quality, effect, and finish of these laminates are unparalleled in the industry.

If you haven't received a new SMF Colour Guide yet, then please contact your local TCT Graphic Products, and arrange to have a free copy mailed out.