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New SMF Colour Guide

Never before, in the entire history of TCT Graphic Products, have we offered so many products with the SMF Colour Guide!  All of these products are in stock and available for purchase from your closest TCT branch.

For this new edition of the SMF Colour Guide, we have had a new SMF logo designed.  This was done to better reflect the idea that SMF products are gathered from high quality manufacturers around the globe, and brought to Canada by TCT to serve the Canadian Sign & Display industry.

Inside you will find 9 new colours added to our tremendously successful 3.4 mil Premium Calendered Translucent line.  Many of these new colours have been available for a few months already, and they are selling extremely well.

Unfortunately, Kiwalite, the Japanese manufacturer of our Reflective line, has decided to stop producing Gold Reflective, so it has been removed from the colour guide.

Under Specialty Films we are no longer able to offer Chalkboard Grey, but we have added 2 different Diffuser films, as well as a high-quality Light Stop Blockout film.

The biggest change (and the one we are most excited about) is the new 2.6 mil Platinum Calendered line from the Italian manufacturer Ritrama.  This line replaces our old 2.8 mil Premium Calendered from our last few colour guides.  This new 2.6 mil Platinum Calendered line is extremely high quality and has an extraordinarily long outdoor durability.  The metallic colours have an outdoor durability of up to 5 years.  The colours (including black) have an outdoor durability of up to 8 years.  And the whites and clears have an outdoor durability of up to 10 years!  There are 51 high gloss colours to choose from.  Most colours are available in 27 yard full rolls, while the black, white, and clears are available in 55 yard rolls.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these new products, please feel free to contact me directly at 1-877-675-6690, just ask for Tristan.