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New Olfa Blades & Knives

We've added some new knives and blades to our offering from Olfa.  For our complete Olfa product offering, please click here.

The SK-10 is a Concealed Blade Safety Knife.  We chose this knife because of its ability to trim exceess vehicle wrap, and window film without damaging the window, or paint on the vehicle beneath. Having said that, it is also more than capable of cutting through heavy-duty materials such as cardboard, packaging, shrink wrap and strapping.  The SK-10B is the replacement blade for the SK-10 Knife.

The ES-1 is an Ergonomic Handle (made out of Recycled Plastic) Utility Knife.  The handle and all plastic parts made from 100% recycled materials. Use the utility knife to cut vinyl, window film, packaging, shrink wrap, wallpaper, caulking, foam board and other materials.  Because of the plastic handle, this knife can be used in close proximity to easily scratched surfaces like painted metal.

The Ultra Sharp Blades are 25% sharper which means less resistance, resulting in quicker and more precise cuts. These blades are designed to cut through packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, caulking, foam board and other materials. 

The ABB Blade is designed to be utilized in the 180 Knife, the SVR-1 Knife, or the new ES-1 Knife.

The LBB Blade is designed to be utilized in the L-1 Heavy Duty Ratchet Lock Knife.