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Another 3 wraps from KPMF

KPMF have launched 3 new colours:

  • K75504 - Matte Iced Pink Titanium
  • K75570 - Matte Frozen Midnight Purple
  • K75806 - Absolute Matte Forest Green

The Matte Iced Pink Titanium is a deep (almost Magenta) shade of pink that shimmers profoundly in the sun.  It can be found about half-way down our Metallic Wraps page.

The Matte Frozen Purple is a brilliant addition to the Frozen colour range from KPMF.  As with the other Frozen colours it appears to be almost Matte Black in the shade, but pops with a star like finish of violet when in the sun.  You can find this new colour on the Frozen Wraps page (just be sure to click the thumbnail so you can see the full effect of the film.

Finally the Absolute Matte Forest Green has been added to KPMF's Absolute Matte series of films.  This deep dark green is almost militaristic in colour, and is likely the most matte dark green in the wrap market.  Stop by our Absolute Matte Wraps page to see this exciting new colour.