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8 new Wrap Colours from KPMF

KPMF have launched 8 new colours:

  • K75538 - Matte Sonic Yellow Pearl - A bright shade of Yellow with just a touch of Pearl
    This new film can be found under Metallic Vehicle Wrapping Films

  • K75573 - Frozen Ruby - A Deep Matte Black with Ruby Red Metallic flakes
  • K75575 - Frozen Mystic PInk - A Deep Matte Blalck with bright Pink Metallic flakes
  • K75577 - Frozen Emerald - A Deep Matte Black with Emerald Green Metallic flakes
  • K75578 - Frozen Sapphire - A Deep Matte Black with Sapphire Blue Metallic flakes
    The "Frozen" series should be seen in direct sunlight to appreciate the full effect
  • K75801 - Absolute Matte Mythos Red - An extremely Deep Matte Metallic Red
  • K75802 - Absolute Matte Quantum Blue - An extremely Deep Matte Metallic Blue
  • K75803 - Absolute Matte Royal Amethyst - An extremely Deep Matte Metallic Purple
    The "Absolute Matte" series represent, in our opinion, the deepest Matte Metallic wrap films available in Canada today.

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