Wet Edge Squeegee - 4"

Wrap your vehicles faster and better. The only squeegee applicator made to use wet. No scratches, no marks, just smooth motions that easily glides across vinyl films and painted surfaces without worry of mistakes or damage.  The WetEdge™ Squeegee is a Teflon squeegee with a unique microfiber edge bonded to it. Can be used either wet or dry. This is the top of the line applicator in the business!

The magic of ImageOne Impact’s WetEdge™ begins with ultra-microfibers so fine they cannot be seen by the human eye, ultra-microfibers so microscopically minute a single pound of them could be stretched from the earth to the moon—and back. Transforming ultra-microfibers this fine into a practical fabric demands a complex, multi-patented process, and continues today with equally Innovative R&D activities conducted at ImageOne Impact with our unique WetEdge™ Vehicle Wrap Ultra Suede Teflon Squeegee applicator tool.