Pack of 5 Replacement Blades w/Lil Gripper - Calgary & Vancouver Only

Unlike metal Blades, SCRAPERITE blades have a longer lasting edge, low moisture and chemical absorption, a low friction coefficient and a longer shelf life.

You can use SCRAPERITE blades anywhere you would use a steel blade with out the fear of damaging the underlying surface; they are perfect for glass, plastics, chrome, marble and painted surfaces.

You can use SCRAPERITE blades in many areas where steel would be problematic and at times outright dangerous. One of the best applications is in the electrical field, as plastic blades will not conduct electricity. Other applications would be in any situation where solvents are used, as SCRAPERITE blades are highly resistant to a wide range of corrosives and solvents.

Contains 5 GENERAL PURPOSE blades and one holder. General purpose blades are great for use on just about any surface. Use it safely on painted surfaces, wood, fabric, and other delicate surface