K88025 - Ultimate Hi Gloss Black Roof Wrap

Ultimate Black is a high gloss self-healing black vinyl which is ideal for accents during wrapping. This KPMF product has been used for almost 10 years in Asia for roofs and accent pieces. It installs like a PPF product using a wet application method because there is no air egress liner. The material can stretch slightly, but is not designed to wrap an entire vehicle. It is perfect for roofs, small accents and especially chrome deletes. The special coating allows it to have an unrivaled high gloss finish that will self heal from small scratches and maintain its true black look for years.

Specific techniques must be used when applying VWS K88025 High Gloss Black, specialised advice can be provided if required. It is the responsibility of the applicator to ensure that the paint system is suitable for the application of VWS K88025 High Gloss Black vinyl and that it is in a fit condition for the application and removal of self-adhesive vinyl.  A separate VWS application guide is available upon request. Kay Premium Marking Films do not accept any liability for paint failures incurred during the application or removal of VWS K88025 High Gloss Black vinyl. 

KPMF films should not be applied to unsound surfaces or to surfaces which may subsequently crack, peel, outgas or are of low surface energy. It is recommended that any application surface should have an energy level in excess of 40 dyne/cm. (Polyolefins should be in excess of 45 dyne/cm). 

Prolonged exposure to high and low temperatures in the presence of chemicals such as solvents, acids etc. may eventually cause deterioration. Actual performance will depend on substrate preparation, exposure conditions and application of marking.

Kay Premium Marking Films are produced under stringent manufacturing conditions. The information and typical values shown are based upon research believed to be reliable and are provided without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty. The values are not for use in specifications. Ink and paint systems can affect the performance of film and also the adhesive properties, as can application techniques. Users are advised to ensure that performance and reliability are not compromised by determining the suitability of each product prior to its intended use.