Grommet Machine

The HIKER H-901 hand press offers all the versatility you'll ever need from a hand press.  The die are interchangeable, so you can insert several types and sizes of grommets with the same press;  the lower die is adjustable, which provides a consistent, quality setting in various material thicknesses - no more guessing when to stop pushing the handle down!;  and the HIKER H-901 was designed to produce up to 6 times more cutting and closing pressure than other competing presses.  That means that the H-901 requires up to 6 times less human effort to insert a grommet!  Flat washers; turn-over washers; spur washers; thin material; thick material; whatever your needs are, the HIKER H-901 hand press is the best hand press available. 

Work smarter, not harder.  Using a hammer to insert grommets is like using a rock to pound nails...  it's really not necessary, or efficient.  It also costs more!  HIKER has developed a great hand press that will save you money while improving the quality of your products.  The H-901B will quickly pay for itself on labor savings alone!