4928 - Bright Lavender Metallic - Turbo


Poli-Flex Turbo is Poli-Tape's newest polyurethane transfer vinyl and is equipped with a special hotmelt for fast application at low temperature.  These films are 3.75mil thick (+/- 5%).

Poli-Flex Turbo is suitable for transfer to textiles like cotton, polyester, uncoated nylon, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic.  Poli-Flex Turbo can be used for lettering on T-Shirts, sport & leisure wear, sport bags, promotional articles & more.

The soft elastic transfer film offers a comfortable textile touch and has excellent opacity.  The raw materials are ecologically inert and do not contain any PVC, plasticizers, or heavy metals (and are CPSIA compliant).

Poli-Flex Turbo films are suitable for hot washes (60C) as well as tumble drying and dry cleaning.

The guarantee for a secure and long-lasting bond of Poli-Flex is only given when following the specified temperature and pressure conditions.  We always recommend evaluation on test material.  

Application guidelines

Cotton & Cotton/Polyester mixtures:

  • Apply at 3.0 bar (medium pressure)
  • 265F/130C - 5 seconds
  • 300F/150C - 4 seconds
  • 320F/160C - 3 seconds

Please adjust the application time when using highly structured cotton or cotton mixture fabrics

Uncoated Nylon:

  • Apply at 2.0 bar (low pressure)
  • 300F/150C
  • Pre Heat for 5 seconds
  • Apply to Nylon for 5 seconds
  • Remove PET liner, cover transfer with silicone paper & apply for a further 10 seconds

Please contact your local TCT Graphic Products if you have any additonal questions concerns about this product or its application.