4784 - Reflex Gold - Turbo

Reflex Gold - Turbo

Poli-Flex Reflex Gold - Turbo is a transfer film based on a fabric with retro-reflective properties and suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, uncoated nylon, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic.

Poli-Flex Reflex Gold can be used for lettering on T-shirts, sport & leisure wear, sport bags and promotional articles.

The film consists of metalized microscopic glass beads laminated to a dry heat-reactivating adhesive backing. A transparent, self-adhesive PET liner on the reflective side guarantees that the film can be cut with all current plotters. We recommend using a standard 45° knife. After weeding the cut flex film is transferred by heat press. The PET liner should be removed warm.

Poli-Flex Reflex Gold - Turbo is suitable for hot washes (60C) as well as tumble drying and dry cleaning.  Always wash textiles inside out.

For application to nylon that is treated with any kind of coating, please test for suitability.

Guarantee for a secure and long-lasting bond of Poli-Flex Reflex Gold is only given when following the specified temperature and pressure conditions. We recommend evaluation on test material.

Due to the various influences which occur from production and transfer of plotter letterings, consistency of the carrier materials and also washing and cleaning conditions, product liability can only cover the unprocessed material.

Application guidelines

  • Apply at 3.0 bar (medium pressure)
  • 265F/130C - 5 seconds

Please adjust the application time when using highly structured cotton or cotton mixture fabrics

Please contact your local TCT Graphic Products if you have any additonal questions concerns about this product or its application.