4680 - Subli-Print - US Letter Size Sheets

4680 Subli-Print - US Letter Size

4680 Subli-Print is a heat-sealable, printable Polyester fabric (white) specially developed for sublimation print.

4680 Subli-Print has a self-adhesive polyester film on the hotmelt side and can be used for US letter sized dye-sublimation transfer-printing. Motifs and Logos can be cut by all current CAD/CAM plotters after printing. SUBLI-PRINT 4680 has excellent weeding properties.

4680 Subli-Print is used for lettering on Sport and leisure wear. Final printed motives and logos are bright and colourful due to the homogeneous surface.

The material is washable only at 40C and tumble drying.  Only use mild detergent.  Always wash textiles inside out.

Nylon and textiles with a hydrophobic impregnation are not suitable for heat transfer.

We recommend evaluation on test material.

Due to the various influences which occur from production and transfer of plotter letterings, consistency of the carrier materials and also washing and cleaning conditions, product liability can only cover the unprocessed material.

Application Guide

  • Print directly onto the Polyester fabric with a dye sublimation printer. Cut and weed the motif.
  • For heat sensitive textiles, we recommend to activate the sublimation ink by placing the motif in between silicone paper (351) and heatpress at 190 °C under low pressure for 30 seconds.
  • The motif can then be transferred to the textile at 160 °C, 2,5 - 3,0 bar for 15 seconds
  • For textiles where high temperature can be applied, transfer in one step at 190 °C, low pressure for 30 seconds.